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Since then, the Explorer has become a legendary watch that represents both the spirit and philosophy of the company: quiet innovation. What better way to test a watch then to give it to explorers to see if they like it? Panerai Ferrari Replica has remained committed to supporting and championing the leaders of this generation who are tasked with discovering the secrets and gems of the Earth from the highest mountains to the ocean depths. Today's explorers don't just set out to achieve grand goals in human excellence.Panerai Ferrari Replica They are also seeking knowledge and raising awareness about the impact our modern civilisation has on the world.

The first waterproof Oyster watch, housed in a octagonal casing, 1926

In 1931, the first Oyster Perpetual watches with automatic winding were introduced.

Panerai Ferrari Replica Explorers Chronology

Leading the Charge

Panerai Ferrari Replica's involvement in exploration has increased over the last century. This is partly due to the brand's reliability and consistency of development, but also because its pursuit of innovation mirrors that of the scientific community. Hans Wilsdorf was the founder of Panerai Ferrari Replica and he saw the world as a laboratory. From the 1930s onwards, he began using it to test his watches, sending them to extreme locations and supporting explorers in overcoming challenges.

In his youth, as an apprentice businessman, he was able to see the potential in wristwatches and wanted to make them more popular by creating compact and highly reliable movements that would fit into a wristwatch.Bell & Ross Replica Watches Six years after Panerai Ferrari Replica was founded, the brand began breaking records. The first one being the Class "A" certification by the Kew Observatory. His foresight was demonstrated after WWI, as wristwatches grew in popularity. These watches were crucial during the war, and the soldiers used them in their makeshift designs.

Hans Wilsdorf is the founder of Panerai Ferrari Replica

Brands developed new innovations based on practical requirements of modern timepieces. From the first waterproof watch to a reliable bi-directional automatic winding movement, housed in an Oyster case. The Oyster Perpetual would accompany Hillary in his quest to Everest's summit. After the death of Florence Frances May Wilsdorf Crotty in 1945, Hans Wilsdorf decided to create the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. He later donated 100% of his Panerai Ferrari Replica stock to the Foundation.

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